Office Organization Essentials: A Product Guide

Alternate title: How To Make Your Work Space Magazine Worthy

Alternate alternate title: Office Organizing Solutions That Are Not Hideous

I've rounded up a few of my favorite workplace storage and power supply finds to help you get organized in style. This product roundup is in preparation of my own personal, and very procrastinated journey, to get my own new work space into shape. (If you don't already, follow me on Instagram for design updates). 

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California Eclectic: San Diego Shopping Guide

Whenever my designer friends from out of town visit, they always want a list of my go-to places to shop for accessories, gifts and home decor. They'll even tell me they are sourcing for a client but I think we both know 90% of what they get is going to end up coming home with them:)

I've put together a list of three of my favorite design resources that are open to the public so that you too can pick up some unique California Eclectic items for your space. Plus: anyone who follows the directions posted today (7.26.17) on my Instagram will be entered to win a $50 gift card towards shopping destination #1 on my list: Gold Leaf in South Park.


2225 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104

Gold Leaf is about fifteen steps from my house and the perfect place to go if you want to be surrounded by perfectly curated, wonderfully unique items. I've purchased several things for myself and for clients here (including that lumbar pillow to the left) and am currently coveting their Los Feliz rake back wooden armchairs. 

The Los Feliz chair, displayed in the shop, is made by Four Studio, a local furniture line they carry. All the pieces have some great upholstery colors options that will work with any California Eclectic vibe you've got going on. Gold Leaf has very cool furniture, kitchen items, lighting, home decor, gifts & more. Go check it out and then tell me what you bought so I can go buy it, too. Some of my Gold Leaf picks are below:

 Gold Leaf in South Park

Gold Leaf in South Park

 MY Los Feliz arm chair

MY Los Feliz arm chair

 Dutch Shop

Dutch Shop

 Hanging planters by Black Phoebe Ceramics

Hanging planters by Black Phoebe Ceramics

 Native Poppy Shop in North Park

Native Poppy Shop in North Park

 Native Poppy Floral Wreath

Native Poppy Floral Wreath


1925 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104

Dutch is about twenty steps from Gold Leaf  and very tiny and wonderful. Artfully arranged in this shop are ceramics by Black Phoebe Ceramics, artwork by Janessa Goodman, furniture by Dovetails and Darts, & much more. I have a few ceramic pieces from here and have been to a couple of their events (including a fun & informative candle making workshop). Tend Living also has a couple of her amazing pieces on display inside. 



 Janessa Goodman artwork

Janessa Goodman artwork


2335 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

Native Poppy Shop is located inside the insta-famous Communal Coffee in North Park. This is a must visit for anyone coming from out of town, and I have been known to schedule every possible meeting here because it's just a lovely place to be. Native Poppy Shop does everything from events, to custom arrangements, to build your own bouquets. They once helped me create an arrangement based on the color scheme of a room I was styling. Their arrangements are the perfect thank you gift for a well deserving client. And it goes without saying -it smells great in there:)

 Native Poppy Bouquet&nbsp;

Native Poppy Bouquet 

Any questions or looking for something in particular? Send me and email or comment below! AND don't forget to enter the contest for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Gold Leaf!

Eco-Friendly Landscape Design: Meet Deep Rooted Designs

Design projects should revolve around creating an experience – not just as an end result for the user but also throughout the design process. That’s why it’s important for me to work with and recommend other small businesse owners whom I trust. Not only am I big fan of supporting other small businesses (#supportSDlocal) – I also like to seek out individuals who are known for their attention to detail and who work hard to leave a positive impression on their clients.


I came across Deep Rooted Designs while reaching out to local contractors. Deep Rooted Designs specializes in both landscape design and landscape construction, helping their clients to create amazing outdoor spaces that are both lovely and water efficient. They are experts in building drought tolerant landscapes, Xeriscapes, which have a positive environmental impact as well as conserve precious water. Plus, they are gorgeous:

Deep Rooted Designs is owned and operated locally by James Fahy. James worked for years in the construction industry and saw many pitfalls in the process. He felt that homeowners were frequently left in the dark and the projects were often unorganized. James was inspired to start his own company to streamline a typically chaotic process into something more transparent and seamless. He partnered with real estate investment expert Rich Rechif and Deep Rooted Designs was born.

Xeriscapes can reduce water usage by 50%, and with Deep Rooted’s help, can become the eco-friendly outdoor living space of your dreams. One of my favorite projects of theirs is a backyard indoor-outdoor living space in Del Cerro (that I would like to be invited to BBQ at).

From the mangaris deck, to the redwood pergola, to the expert placement of drought resistant plants – this project is truly the perfect outdoor space for tranquil living and dining. No detail is overlooked and this inviting space reflects that.

Deep Rooted Designs are fully licensed and insured landscape contractors. They specialize in complete front or backyard overhauls, woodworking, masonry, horticulture, irrigation, lighting, BBQ islands, and more.

Check out their website for more information about booking consultations as well as their helpful blog for water saving tips. Especially here in San Diego, where we enjoy outdoor living and working to the fullest –this is the perfect time of year to utilize your space from the inside out.


E-Design: Explained

A break down (with images) of what it's like to do an E-Design project with Rose Studio

E-Design is a great way to experience working with a professional interior designer without engaging in a full service design contract. Everything is done digitally and all communication is through a web based design portal, email, texting or phone calls if you need them. I personally enjoy E-Design because it allows me to work with clients who:

A. Live in places other than San Diego, California

B. Would not normally hire a designer to help but are curious about the process

C. People who are busy, and would prefer the ease of simply providing information about their space and then ordering everything online.

D. People who have very unique or tough projects and they are tearing out hair trying to figure out how to make better use of the space

I love design, I believe in the power of a well designed space and its' ability to make a person look, feel and work to the best of their abilities. Like the saying, if you look good, you feel good. If your space is well designed, you can do anything.

So, first of all, here is what I need from you: The Client:

1. A filled out Design Questionnaire

This takes just a few minutes to fill out, you can click the button below and do it just for fun right now if you want to. Really, so fun.


2. Measurements of the room you would like designed

Need help measuring your space? Click the here to be directed to my measuring guide for another good example.

What you'll need:

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Piece of Paper
  3. Pen or Pencil

That's it, it's really very easy:) Here, my supplies are even sitting on my desk:

3. Well lit, straight on Before Photos of your space

Here's an example of a good before photo: it helps to stand in each corner of the room and take a photo facing out, just an iPhone photo works, nothing fancy.

The more photos the better, five is the minimum. One of each wall is required, if  are doing lighting pictures of the ceiling helps too.

Also, if it's possible to have them taken during day time - that is ideal.

The more angles and details you can provide through these photos, the easier it is for me to show you items that are the correct scale and will help your space feel balanced. 

Now is also the time to include any photos of pieces you want to keep so they can be worked into the design (just remember to include the overall dimensions of the item).

4. A link to your Pinterest board or inspiration images you find online

A designer can help you find your inner style and make sure your space reflects that accordingly, but knowing what you're already drawn to helps. A lot.

If you don't have a Pinterest account you can create one by clicking the link, or just use Google Images to find at least five to send me.

Want to see where I find inspiration? Click here to check out my personal Pinterest page.


Now, on to more fun, here is what you get:

An initial Concept Board 

This is where I show you ideas for the design direction of the space and the color scheme. We will discuss these images until we are sure we are on the same page and can move forward into space planning and I can propose specific items.

Note about color scheme: it's at this point I'll ask you if you want to paint/wallpaper etc. and you can tell me if there's a certain brand that is close to your house or that you prefer. My personal paint preference is Behr, I think they have the most contemporary colors and I'm always pleased with the result. I'm not paid to say that (yet).



Using the dimensions, you've given me, I will re-draw your space in a digital drafting program and input all of your existing pieces. As the design progresses and we choose specific items, I'll update the plan to show where each item is going in the room at the correct scale.

If you're doing furniture only, this image is the plan you'll receive. If you're planning to move walls, install flooring materials, built-in items, tile patterns or any or interior construction requiring more detailed drawings - that is considered an add on service and we can talk about that at the beginning of your project.

E-Design services are customizable and priced as a flat rate depending on the project size and client's needs. But you can always add on services a la carte as needed.

Side note: If you are requesting any type of interior construction drawings you'll want to start talking to contractors before we go to far to be sure what you'd like to do is in fact possible and within your budget.


Digital Renderings to Show Design Intent

 Concept Board - Project LA Bohemia

Concept Board - Project LA Bohemia

 Sofa and Rug Options - Project LA Bohemia

Sofa and Rug Options - Project LA Bohemia

 Concept Board - Modern Office Design

Concept Board - Modern Office Design

Throughout your project, I will communicate with you in part through digital renderings and boards. This so you can see all of the options together and start to envision how they will work in the space. The example project I'm using for this post is for a client who was looking for an Eclectic Farmhouse design. Your products will be sourced to reflect your chosen style. To check out a few of my other E-Design project concept boards head on over to my Instagram page. 

For this example project, we used a few of the client's existing pieces and incorporated more from Etsy shops, Rejuvination and Schoolhouse Electric. You can specify at the beginning of the project which brands you like or dislike, stick to only brick and mortar stores near you with online shopping, or if you're a local San Diego resident I can source vintage and one-of-a-kind items for you as well. 

shopping list with clickable links

Lastly, I'll send you list of all of the Furniture, Fixtures and Electrical items used in your project. It looks just like the list on the left and has all pertinent info to make ordering online a breeze.

In your design questionnaire and before we really get moving on your project you will need to give me a budget range where you are comfortable. That way I can help you be realistic about brands and number of items, and help you to stretch your budget by showing you choices that are within your range. I can keep you updated on your products total throughout your project or just assure you that we are on track. Whatever makes you happy and lets you relax and enjoy the design process.

Once you have your final space plan, rendered boards and shopping list, you can then order your items at your leisure, or add on purchasing service with me. That purchasing service gives you access to trade discounts where possible as well order management. Which can be helpful if all of your items are coming from a different places and you are not interested in dealing with that headache.

If you're interested in finding out more about purchasing with Rose Studio, feel free to contact me and I'll email you a copy of my purchasing contract.

...and That's e-Design with rose studio

E-Design can work for residential, commercial, hospitality and outdoor projects. If you've been put in charge of redecorating your company's waiting room, are looking to revamp your patio before summer, turn a bedroom into a home office, or are a small business trying to attract new clients to your office; E-Design can be right for you. To discuss your next project, or if you have any questions about the E-Design process in general, leave me a comment below or contact me here.

Or, has this blog post helped you realize you need in-person design help and are interested in retaining Rose Studio for design services and project management? I can help you with that too, click here to learn more.

Jessica Rose