Creative Company Interiors

Why workplace interiors matter.

The first thing I ask clients when we meet is; 'How do you want to feel when you walk into your space?'

    Instagram   offices in Menlo Park , photo by Christophe Wu

Instagram offices in Menlo Park, photo by Christophe Wu

I am very passionate about workplace design. Not because I like making things pretty, but because I know that there is a science behind why we think, feel and work better in a well designed space. Thriving start up companies like Instagram, AirBnb and San Diego's own Classy all boast incredible office spaces that attract top tier employees who appreciate a business that works just as hard at being creative as they do.

    Airbnb   San Francisco headquarters , photo by Mark Mahaney

Airbnb San Francisco headquarters, photo by Mark Mahaney

Branding should not be literal.

Your company's branding should be present in the design of your workspace, but in a subtle, lasting way that connects your clients with your core values, not just your logo. New York startup design guru Dani Arps says it best;

"You don’t want it to be literal. For example, I find that a lot of companies- and it’s through no fault of their own- will have a green logo so they’ll have green walls. It’s not that comfortable. You wouldn’t like to be working in these vivid green walls. Maybe you could have lots of greenery!"

Color Theory.

Color and light are integral to a well designed space. While earning my BFA in Interior Design, I studied Color Theory, I've attended seminars about paint colors, color trends and read plenty of books and blogs on the subject. Nothing really compares to the on the job training of learning how companies and their employees perceive and understand color individually. Udo Schliemann, principal creative director at Entro, breaks it down for us:

"An obvious strategy may be to use the primary brand colors or even just one color, but this conservative approach can be too simple, and fail to provide meaning for employees. Many leading companies are developing sophisticated palettes and understanding that it is not just one color, but the combination of colors that makes a unique environment. Every company should have brand guidelines that include a set of primary and secondary colors, finding a unique combination that further distinguishes the brand and evokes the intended emotional associations from employees."

Size doesn't matter, but function does.

Commercial real estate isn't cheap, especially here in San Diego. Some small businesses require a central location to attract clients, other startups can work in larger, open spaces in more remote locations. In an urban area like ours, we're used to living and working with the best option available, and maximizing our space through design is extremely important when the price per square foot is steadily on the rise. 

  Deep Rooted Designs  layout options, Jessica Rose Studio

Deep Rooted Designs layout options, Jessica Rose Studio

Creating zones for different tasks, private work areas and a distinct entry that creates a positive first impression are all achievable through good design. The space plan above shows a small office space where 3 - 4 employees can work comfortably, or several team members can meet with clients, or meet one-on-one in a more causal setting. 

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