Why should I hire a designer?

It is usually apparent when a project is designed by a professional because of the spacing, layout and overall cohesiveness of the design. The form and function of the space will work together harmoniously and the overall happiness and productivity of the people who use it will reflect that. A good designer will  save you time and money by guiding you towards the right choices for you rather than allowing you to experience trial and error in regards to your space. A designer will also be your advocate and communicate most effectively on your behalf with other design professionals, architects, contractors, electricians, etc. We typically know the right questions to ask in order to get things done and obtain results most quickly.

The relationship between a client and designer is a very personal one, and it's important that you can connect and make sure it is a right fit. Trust, communication and shared vision are all equally important in this dynamic. During the initial consultation, both parties should clarify their expectations for the project to ensure as smooth a process as possible.

How much will my project cost?

Designer's cost vary significantly. Rose Studio offers the option of  a flat rate or an hourly rate which will vary based on the scope of the project. The budget of a project will be discussed with you as soon as the overall scope is determined. Often, the cost of hiring the right designer will be offset by the designers ability to avoid costly mistakes and time wasters.

What is the difference between a designer and a decorator?

The main difference between a designer and a decorator is that a designer is educated in understanding how people function within a space. Both designers and decorators are adept at creating rooms that are attractive and comfortable using furniture, textiles and decor. Designers are additionally well-informed with more technical aspects of design, requirements regarding building codes and can provide construction documents. A designer will take a more comprehensive approach, and provide you with a finished space that is beautiful, functional and completely finished.

How much will I be involved in the design?

This all depends on you. Your designer will revolve their approach around your needs to find the most appropriate solutions.  If you are a collaborative person, the more input the better. Or, if your feel more comfortable allowing your designer to move more independently, that works too.  Either way, you will be kept well informed on the status of your project and be called on to answer questions as they arise.

Will my designer work with my architect or contractor?

Rose Studio is happy to recommend a team for your project, or to work with the team of your choice. You will always have the ability to choose the individuals who you are most comfortable with and hire them directly. These types of questions and more will all be discussed with you at your initial consultation.